Single Title Movie Licence

A single title MPLC® Movie Licence is issued for the screening of a specific film on a named day. It then allows the film to be screened either commercially (with an admission charge) or non-commercially (free of charge). MPLC Movie Licence also offers the freedom to advertise the film titles.

No need to wait for a Studio copy – you can use your own library of home entertainment DVDs/download files from any legal retail or rental source. Any titles released on DVD or Blu-ray are available from MPLC participating producers.

MPLC makes it easy to be legal—applications are processed within the next working day.


* An introductory discount is available for Cinema for All and ICO members.

Arrange your Movie Licence(s)

We understand that 'single title' licensing from a studio library can be frustrating. Customer service levels are low, copies can be poor quality and may arrive too late. They are also expensive, as they include up front deposits, postage, packing, insurance costs and penalties for late return.

Technology is now so advanced that film societies prefer to use easily available home DVD, Blu-Ray or downloads. MPLC recognised these needs and created a modern, licence alternative called the MPLC Movie Licence.

Step 1
Choose your programme of titles and obtain your legally available DVD/Download files from any retail or rental source.

Step 2
Apply for your licence using the booking application form. A licence certificate and invoice will be raised by return. There are two types of applications, one for 'non-commercial' screenings with no admission charge and one for 'commercial' screenings with an admission charge. Rates for commercial events are charged at the minimum guaranteed rate per title, or 35% of the box office, whichever is greater. See price list.

Step 3
If your event is commercial, with a paying audience, then a title returns form will be included in your licence pack ready for completion after the event.

Step 4
A second invoice will be raised, if necessary, based on the total door income. See Terms and Conditions.

Look up Titles

MPLC are happy to help our clients make the right licensing choice.

Please call our friendly licensing team for personal service and advice. We are always happy to help callers to our licensing department on 01323 649647 or please email to and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please note that title exclusions apply and titles may be withdrawn at any time, as per our Terms and Conditions.

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